If you're looking for a new, fresh and exciting arrangement, you've come to the right place. I will carefully tailor an arrangement for your TTBB, SSAA or SATB quartet or chorus. Before I start crafting your chart, we will discuss stylistic options, voice ranges & deadlines. During my creative process I will keep you updated on a regular basis.

But wait, there's more! Why not take advantage of a full-service package from a single source? I offer learning tracks for my arrangements. 
My AI Barbershop Quartet, EOTM, will provide you with high-quality learning tracks that sound remarkably human. 


I charge 400€ for a custom arrangement. Please note that this fee might be higher for songs longer than the usual duration (over 4 minutes) or requiring more creative input. Upon completion, you will need to purchase legal copies of the arrangement from either SheetMusicPlus or SheetMusicDirect. I will provide you with a direct link to the arrangement, typically priced at $1.99 per copy for chorus and $12.99 for a quartet.

If you want learning tracks with your arrangement, I offer a complete package of Arrangement + Learning Tracks done by my AI Barbershop Quartet, EOTM. The prices are 450€ for Arrangement + Learning Tracks in "robo mode" and 500€ for Arrangement + Learning tracks in "realistic mode". 


I exclusively work with ArrangeMe by Hal Leonard, as they provide a full-service copyright clearance. If you'd like me to arrange a song for you, please ensure it's available on This ensures fair compensation for all parties.
Please note that fees for songs not available via ArrangeMe can be unpredictable and sometimes exceptionally high.

Sounds good? 

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